• May 18 is International Museum Day:

    Free Admission to Greek Museums and Archaeological Sites

    On this day, the Acropolis Museum celebrates with free entry to events and activities from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

    In honor of this year’s International Museum Day, the Acropolis Museum produced, in collaboration with the Hellenic Mint, commemorative medals dedicated to the lion Some of the events and activities that are taking place this International Museum Day at the Acropolis Museum are video projection and gallery talks, workshops in both Greek and English for children and school groups entitled “Tracing the lion,” and special edition souvenirs at the museum shops.

    To commemorate the event, one can purchase a special casket that will include the five commemorative medals that have been released in previous years, dedicated to the attic tetradrachm of the archaic period, the rooster, the hare, the raven of the Acropolis and finally this year, the lion. 

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